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Cabinet closed on 1 side. 54 x 54 x 220 cm
packing: 1

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Product description

A cabinet specially good for showing products (in a shop), because of the combination of wood and colour surfaces. The wood makes the cabinet natural and give it a weathered and robust impression. The colour surfaces brings the rest in the total presentation. All the attention goes then to the products inside.
The cabinets are fixed already, which is important for the stabillity. It come with 3 extra layers. 5 Layers in total. 1 is the bottom, 1 in the middle and then 3 extra loose. The cabinet is stabil, but leight, which makes it very easy to move. 

With its 54 x 54 cm, this cabinet fits exactly on the base of a CC container (2 on a CC), or could also be placed on a half CC container (1 on a half CC). Ideal for temporary shops or shows.

This Table is in old dutch. The matt look in this old style made that a lot of products look perfect on those tables. Aspecially glass, intense colours, or shiny packing. Perfect for many branches, but first be careful with presentation of clothes. The white plaster is in the beginning easy to come off. 




  • SKU 100512
  • Article code 100512
  • EAN 8719214123796
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